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What is Longevity Real Estate?
Ask Forrest...

Wooden Hut

After more than 40 years of real estate experience, 

I've had some real wins and some pretty hard falls.

It makes me a better Realtor & Advisor because I've been both a builder & investor---and a buyer and a seller many times over.

All this gives me an instinct for careful listening to what folks are hoping to accomplish with their real estate plans... It may begin with practical features of home size or financial goals---but most important is to satisfy the deeper goals of Making a Life in their Home...


Where we live helps us thrive, feel safe and adds to emotional & physical health. And of course, home ownership is one of the strongest ways to build personal & family wealth. 


Add to this I have a unique skill in fair dealing & conflict resolution... delivering delight instead of drama....    Let's talk, shall we?

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