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Your Health & Vitality

Vitality... not just Health

Have we all met good people who might be "healthy" but  lack a sense of Vitality & Vital Life Energy? For some, it is their mindset, for others their lack of distraction...and for some, the projects they do in the world. Whatever it is, let's learn from it!

One friend of mine says, Hey! Let's Celebrate the Men & Women in our community that are doing great things---AFTER 60! 60 Over 60!  That turns him on...


There have been many recent medical advances in the field of life energy, including the use of supplements and alternative therapies. As we have all probably heard, to add vitality to your daily life, it's important to prioritize healthy habits such as regular exercise, a balanced diet, and adequate sleep. And Now the Key is to actually follow through with these daily practices! Meditation and yoga can also be beneficial for promoting good sober energy.


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