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The Men's Longevity Project

After 20 years in men's work and 40 years in business, I've seen both the healthy and unhealthy behaviors of men at every age. And so often I've seen many men wonder what they should do next in their life to find their true Life Purpose and to feel more alive & cared about.. 


They may be at the time of life when some of the fire of their earlier ambition has faded...perhaps their relationships & health are out of balance and this can certainly lead to real depression, exhaustion and despair.

Could this be why men's life expectancy is 6 years shorter than women's in western culture? After all, when you're depressed and let your health go, it's pretty tough to live longer and to thrive.


So that's what the Mens' Longevity Project is about....


When men are unhappy and out of balance, their behavior may well turn toward frustrated anger, aggression and physical/emotional violence.


We may see these dangerous behaviors but not see the source of the underlying upsets that drive them....So the women, kids & others close by get the brunt of these "unders". And what kind of long range damage is done to spouses and children living in the target zone of all this?  What role model is set for these kids to follow in their lives?

Our belief is that a Man is greatly helped by attending to their personal progress in vital life aspects like those of the AgeLess Path.


While we are not offering medical or therapeutic direction, The Mens' Longevity Project seeks to call on the best in each Man... and creating space for his growth and healthy balance. As the unders are addressed, he attracts the caring he may longs to both give and receive...

Let's explore this together.... We welcome your comments in FB group The AgeLess Path


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